Life Skills by Keilly Swift

    Life Skills by Keilly Swift

    A beautifully illustrated ebook that covers the essential life skills that kids need to know.

    Discover how you can be the awesome person you want to be with this guide to the life skills kids need to learn. This ebook helps kids to tackle the difficulties they face and will help to prepare them for whatever the future may hold.

    Life Skills includes practical advice and real-life examples that teach problem solving, how to make good decisions, and excellent communication skills. Kids will learn how to better understand themselves and others, as well as create coping strategies for difficult situations. This ebook is full of engaging activities, such as making your own decision trees, thinking about body language, and putting yourself in someone else's shoes, which will help kids on their journey to becoming active, engaged, and empowered citizens of the world. Life Skills is a handy, helpful ebook that supports kids in developing the critical thinking skills needed in their everyday lives.

    Developing life skills not only leads to better prospects at school and in a future career, but it also gives young people more confidence to aim for a bright, secure and happy future.


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