240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know 1-6

    240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know 1-6

    Where would we be without words? It’s hard to imagine. Words are a basic building block of communication, and a strong vocabulary is an essential part of reading, writing, and speaking well. The purpose of this book is to help young learners expand the number of words they know and the ways in which they use them. Although 240 vocabulary words are introduced, many more words and meanings are woven into the book’s 24 lessons.

    Learning new words is not just about encountering them; it’s about using, exploring, and thinking about them. So the lessons in this book are organized around different aspects and attributes of words— opposites (antonyms), describing words (adjectives), action words (verbs), homophones, compound words, key content area vocabulary, and more.

    Build word power with these 24 ready-to-reproduce, 3-page lessons. Each lesson includes research-based activities that tap students' prior knowledge for greater understanding and give them multiple encounters with new words so they really remember them. Lesson topics include synonyms, antonyms, compound words, content area vocabulary related to key science and social studies topics, and much more. Watch reading skills soar!