English Grammar Rules You Must Know to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes by Lessie Bradach

    English Grammar Rules You Must Know to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes by Lessie Bradach

    Have you ever wondered why you're so bad at English grammar? Afraid to open your mouth for fear of being laughed at? Discouraged from writing an email because you don't know the difference between your, and you're, or which way to use a comma? Do you need help with tenses and parts of speech?

    This book is the perfect solution. It will teach the basics of English grammar in a simple, clear, and concise way. You will be able to better understand how English works its magic behind the scenes. And, by the end of this book, you'll be able to confidently and correctly use English grammar every day.

    It will also give you a lot of practical tips and tricks that you can use to write essays, emails, and even texts. These are some of the fundamentals you should know in order to speak and write well in English.

    This book is for anyone interested in improving their writing skills in English. It is written from the standpoint of someone who wants to improve their English grammar. The book will not only introduce you to the basics of English grammar, but it will also help you memorize them easily.

    This book is created with the sole purpose of providing you with a great guide that will help make your writing process easier and more efficient. This book contains a set of rules that I made sure to cover thoroughly and well, because I believe such a simple things like correct grammar still need attention in today's world where people are pressured to write faster than ever.

    This book covers:

    • Understanding the basics of english grammar.
    • Common noun errors to avoid.
    • Verb tense and subject-verb agreement.
    • Pronoun usage and common mistakes.
    • And much more!

    If you feel nervous about grammatical rules, this book is for you. I'm sure you have felt a strong urge to correct your mistakes after writing something wrong, but because of time pressure, it's hard for you to focus on such simple things like grammar or part-of-speech.

    This book will help you learn grammar rules and improve your writing skills in English. This book is not a textbook, but only a guide that is designed to make your learning experience easier. It will not be difficult for you to understand the grammar rules and concepts if you follow the instructions perfectly.

    At the end of each chapter, you will find a list of all grammar rules that are covered in the chapter. You can keep all this information in one place without having to search for every rule and remember it.

    By following the rules in this book, you will learn how to use English grammar effectively and correctly during every day life activities. The steps are so simple and easy to follow that even children can figure them out easily.

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    English Grammar Rules You Must Know to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes by Lessie Bradach

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