What’s the Point of Math? by DK

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What's the Point of Math? by DK

Math makes the world go around. An educational book that will give you surprising answers to everyday math challenges. 

This book unpacks how math is an essential part of our everyday life in ways that you never thought of. Full of crazy facts, magic tricks, and mathematical brainteasers and beautiful illustrations show you that math is interesting, fun, and not intimidating at all!

Ever wondered where math originated from? This fantastic educational book unpacks all the curious questions that your child has about math including intriguing historical stories that explore the often-surprising origins of math that we use in our daily lives. 

Learn about how the formation of number sequences began, to the origins of trigonometry, and find out how to become a trillionaire! Math in our daily lives is used in many things that might not even seem that obvious. 

Math Controls Just About Everything

Inspire your children with numbers and help bring mathematical explanations to life with this engaging educational book. Expand their knowledge in the complexity of understanding math by using simple illustrative examples. 

To make these topics more exciting and impactful, the book is full of great puzzles, awesome games, and interesting facts that will break barriers in their understanding. “Try it out” examples give mathematical explanations that are simple and easy to grasp. 

What’s The Point Of Math? will not only change your child’s perception of numbers but give them the skills and understanding to apply the principles in their everyday life!

This educational book explains the point of:

  • Numbers and counting 
  • Shapes and measuring
  • Patterns and sequences
  • Probability and logic
  • Data and statistics


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