Hidden Animals by Mia Cassany

    Hidden Animals by Mia Cassany

    Lots of fun things to discover in this colorful book of amazing animals!

    Who will we find today? What can you spot? Every read is different with this individual and beautifully styled board book.

    Who is that hiding? Can you see Mr. Red Fox or Mrs. Bear?

    Spot the animals as you read along together in this enchanting and unique book! Learning new animals and brilliant facts with lots of things to spot while thinking about shapes and colors, this book can be read over and over again.

    Come and join the fun with Hidden Animals! You'll spot something new every time!


    我们今天会找到谁? 你能看出什么? 这本风格精美的纸板书的每次阅读都不同。

    这是在躲谁? 你能看到红狐先生或熊太太吗?

    在这本迷人而独特的书中,当您一起阅读时发现动物! 在思考形状和颜色的同时学习新的动物和精彩的事实,其中有很多东西可以发现,这本书可以反复阅读。

    快来加入隐藏动物的乐趣吧! 每次你都会发现新的东西!


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