A Short History of Medicine by Steve Parker

    A Short History of Medicine by Steve Parker

    Immerse yourself in the history of medicine - a colorful story of skill, serendipity, trial and error, moments of genius, and dogged determination. 

    From traditional Chinese medicine to today's sophisticated gene therapies and robotic surgery, A Short History of Medicine combines riveting storytelling, historical accounts, and lucid explanations to illuminate the story of medicine through time. 

    Witness early, bloody, anesthetic-free operations and the first crude surgical instruments; trace the mapping of the circulatory system; follow the painstaking detective work that led to the decoding of the human genome; and understand the role that potions, cures, therapies, herbal medicines, and drugs have played in the human quest to tame and conquer disease, injury, and death. 

    Previously published as Kill or CureA Short History of Medicine is an engrossing history and tale of drama and discovery that celebrates the milestones of medical history across generations and cultures. 

    Steve Parker is a writer, editor, and consultant specializing in general science and life sciences. He is a senior scientific fellow of the Zoological Society of London and has written more than 250 books, including The Human BodyEyewitness MedicineEyewitness Human Body, and Medicine. He has been shortlisted for prizes ranging from BBC Blue Peter Book of the Year to Times Educational Supplement Information Book of the Year and won the 2014 BMA Board of Science Award for the Public Understanding of Science.