English Grammar Dictionary: For Teachers, Students & Parents by Fareeda Abbasi

    English Grammar Dictionary: For Teachers, Students & Parents by Fareeda Abbasi

    Confusion can occur while learning a language that is different to your mother tongue. The structure of the sentence can be different in another language. Also, words when used in sentences can have a different function.

    How can you tell what is the function of the same word in different sentences. For example look at the word “standing” in the following sentences:

    He was a man of high social standing.
    Standing water will create a problem for the community.
    After the flood one house was left standing.
    The word “standing” has a different function in these sentences. In the first, it is a noun. In the second, it is an adjective and in the third it is a verb.

    As international travel and the use of the internet becomes more and more common, it becomes imperative to know the English language. This book will help you to understand the parts of speech and play a part towards mastering the English Language.

    Children can especially benefit, if given a clear concept of the words defined in this book. Writing and speaking the English language can become fun. We believe that every student has the potential to master a subject and to be good in all subjects, not in just one or two.

    This English Grammar book aims to build a strong foundation of the English Language for the learner.

    It is the duty of teachers and parents to provide the tools, guidance and an environment that enables children to reach their full potential.

    If you wish for a child to become an independent learner and excel in the English language, then this book belongs in your special tool-kit.