First Reference Series by DK

    First Reference Series by DK
    • First Childrens Dictionary
    • First Children’s Encyclopedia
    • First Earth Encyclopedia
    • First History Encyclopedia
    • First How Things Work Encyclopedia
    • First Science Encyclopedia
    • First Space Encyclopedia
    • Human Body Encyclopedia
    • Nature Encyclopedia
    • Visual Guide to Math

    First Earth Encyclopedia

    The only encyclopedia for kids ages 5 and up that covers the subjects of human geography, physical geography, and geology together in one inspiring book.

    First Space Encyclopedia

    Zoom off into the galaxy and investigate all the planets, from Earth to Mars with First Space Encyclopedia.

    First Science Encyclopedia

    Help your child learn all about science with First Science Encyclopedia. Filled with fun science facts about many different subjects, from the human body and animals to facts about space and matter.

    First Children’s Encyclopedia

    This early learners children's encyclopedia from DK is perfect for key stage 1 learners. It's packed with information about a variety of subjects from prehistoric life to space travel, bacteria to the human brain help your child discover all about the world we live in.They'll discover how life on Earth began, how the human body works, how people lived in Ancient Egypt, why some dinosaurs were so huge, what makes machines work, the countries of the world and much, much more.

    First How Things Work Encyclopedia

    All the most important science topics for kids, from magnets and sound waves to flight and search engines, are simply explained in this fun and informative illustrated STEM book for children studying KS1 and KS2 subjects.

    First History Encyclopedia

    Important historical topics from the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt to the US Civil War and World War II are clearly explained in this fun and informative illustrated history book for children studying KS1 and KS2 subjects.

    Nature Encyclopedia

    What is life like underground? Where can you find the world's ugliest fish? Why are fungi so fantastic? Take an amazing look at the natural world to find out! Discover plants and animals and where they live - from deserts to oceans, rainforests to mountains. Packed with curiosity quizzes, 'turn and learn' boxes and 'did you know?' facts, plus amazing photographs so there's lots to see and explore. Perfect for National Curriculum Key Stage 1. Go ahead and take a leap into the natural world!

    First Children's Dictionary

    Filled with useful definitions, First Children's Dictionary is an ideal first reference book for children eager to expand their vocabulary.

    First Maths Glossary

    Key maths vocabulary and concepts for young children are simply explained in this friendly and informative reference book.

    First Human Body Encyclopedia

    Did you know that every part in your human body is made of tiny, microscopic cells? Did you know your body is organized into distinct systems that have different functions? Learn more about this and much more with the First Human Body Encyclopedia.