Grammar Time 1-6

    Grammar Time 1-6
    • Grammar Time 1(Book + Audio)
    • Grammar Time 2(Book)
    • Grammar Time 3(Book + Audio)
    • Grammar Time 4(Book)
    • Grammar Time 5(Book)
    • Grammar Time 6(Book)

    Grammar Time 是一本包含六本语法参考和跟随书籍的合集,适合从新手到中级的年轻学习者。Grammar Time 使用幽默的卡通、图画和照片来介绍语言,并通过跟随提供完整的语法解释。


    它通过详细的参考表和语法注释为学习者提供他们想要的所有帮助。 特定的“小费”包装容器似乎是继职责之后针对常见困难提出有用建议的职责。 它包括在严格分级的学习步骤中遵循的易于遵循的语法,以及在每个单元完成时的额外写作和口头遵循。 常见的修订项目和完整的词表再次出现。

    Grammar Time is a collection of six grammar reference and follow books taking younger learners from newbie to intermediate degree.Grammar Time makes use of humorous cartoons, drawings and photographs to introduce language and provides complete grammar explanations with via follow. 

    Grammar time displays the likes and pursuits of younger learners and places grammar in imaginative and humorous contexts that make studying enjoyable.

    It provides learners all of the help they want with detailed reference tables and grammar notes. Particular ‘Tip’ packing containers seem subsequent to the duties to present helpful recommendation on frequent difficulties. It consists of easy-to-follow grammar follow in rigorously graded studying steps, and extra writing and oral follow on the finish of every unit. Common revision items and a complete wordlist are on the again.


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