Vocabulary in Practice 1-6

    Vocabulary in Practice 1-6
    • Vocabulary in Practice 1
    • Vocabulary in Practice 2
    • Vocabulary in Practice 3
    • Vocabulary in Practice 4
    • Vocabulary in Practice 5
    • Vocabulary in Practice 6

    A series of handy vocabulary books aimed at busy learners who want to fit in some extra practice outside the classroom. Vocabulary in Practice 6 covers about 600 useful words for upper-intermediate students. Contains 40 short units, regular tests, an answer key and a word list with pronunciation. It is ideal for self-study.

    The workouts are fast to do and college students can verify their solutions instantly.

    The vocabulary is organized by subject and the take a look at items be certain that the vocabulary is recycled.

    In the back of the e-book there are helpful phrase lists with notes and assistance on pronunciation.

    All of the phrases have been chosen utilizing the Cambridge Worldwide Corpus to make sure that an important phrases college students will want are included.


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