Scientists Inspiring Tales of the World’s Brightest Scientific Minds

    Scientists Inspiring Tales of the World’s Brightest Scientific Minds

    Meet the people who changed the world of science and technology, biology, chemistry and physics!

    Read the stories of the brainiest people who ever lived and the scientific discoveries they made. Each page illustrates a famous scientist's life and what made their contribution to this fascinating field so important. 

    Scientists is an exciting book perfect for children ages 7-9 years. Inside you will find:

       • Stories of more than 50 scientists like Isaac Newton, both famous and lesser-known.
       • Comprehensive coverage of the most important scientific advancements of all time.
       • Stories of scientists from all over the world specializing in different areas of science.
       • Information inline with the STEAM and STREAM school curriculums.

    Introduce children to titans of science!

    The biggest scientific breakthroughs in history have something in common: super smart people who kept looking for the answers to some of the world’s most interesting questions! The pages of this science book are filled with the stories of famous scientists like physicists Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking, biologist Marie Curie, paleontologist Mary Anning, and lesser-known trailblazers like Chika Kuroda, who became Japan's first female Bachelor of Science.

    Filled with great detail and following a storytelling format, this is a thrilling book that will capture the imagination of young children and encourage them to explore the world of science. Beautiful descriptions of the scientists' lives are brought to life through stunning watercolor illustrations, and fantastic photography highlights the detail of their discoveries.

    Discover more stories!

    Follow the stories of some of the greatest people the world has ever known. DK’s Scientist, Explorers, and Inventors captures the genius of people who have changed history, answered important questions and made our lives easier.


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