How Everything Works: From Brain Cells to Black Holes by DK

    How Everything Works: From Brain Cells to Black Holes by DK





    • 对自然界和人类世界的关键见解
    • 引人注目的摄影作品,使某些概念栩栩如生
    • 多种多样的章节与学校的STEM科目相吻合


    Discover an all-in-one encyclopedia that takes you on an explanatory tour of the world from your own body to outer space.

    Have you ever wondered how an email gets to someone on the other side of the world in just a few seconds or why it’s a bad idea to stand under a tree during a thunderstorm? Discover the answers to all these questions and more with these mind-boggling how things work books for children aged 9 and above!

    Each page of this mind-blowingly detailed and ambitious encyclopedia will guide you through the natural world and the technology that surrounds you. Giant, page-filling illustrations take objects apart – or take the roofs and walls off buildings – to show you how they work, explaining both basic principles (such as photosynthesis) as well as broader concepts (like how all the living things in a rainforest interact). 

    Explore each and every page of this engaging how things work book to discover:

    - Key insights into both the natural and human worlds
    - Striking photography that brings certain concepts to life
    - A diverse range of chapters coinciding with STEM subjects at school 

    In this how things work encyclopedia, chapters range from the human body to cities and industry, to planet Earth, taking in sleep patterns, cooking, sewage systems, wind farms, fungi spores, and plate tectonics along the way. How Everything Works is perfect for children studying STEM subjects at school or anyone who is simply curious about how nature and the modern world work.


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