What’s the Point of Philosophy by DK

    What’s the Point of Philosophy by DK





    • 各种迷人的主题揭示了今天仍在讨论的哲学中的关键问题。
    • 时间轴展示了主要的思想流派以及发展这些流派的妇女和男子。
    • 清晰易懂的文字使这本书对所有年龄段的读者都有吸引力。
    • 未涂布的纸张给这本书带来了复古的感觉,完美地补充了插画家的风格。

    这本迷人的哲学书以独特的方式让孩子们开始批判性地思考他们周围的世界,并展示了哲学改变世界的许多方式,一次一个疯狂的想法,它保证会激励、惊讶、逗乐和娱乐每一个拿起它的人。通过慢慢地解开论点,解开复杂的理论,本书以一种新的、令人兴奋的方式与思想联系起来。如果你从未停止过问 "为什么",这本书就是为你而写的!文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/6362.html

    Travel down the road of wisdom to discover how to think about a series of philosophical problems, how to defend your opinions on them, and how to evaluate the opinions of others.

    Why is philosophy important? What’s so great about it? Leap into the world of philosophy and discover questions about life, the universe, and human behavior that great thinkers have pondered throughout history, and which are still being asked today.

    Philosophical ideas affect our day-to-day lives in ways that you might not expect. But understanding these ideas can be daunting – even for adults! If you want to learn how to argue the case for animal rights, why the concept of equality has many sides, or even what the theories are about why humans exist at all, What’s the Point of Philosophy? is the perfect place to start. 

    Put your thinking cap on and get ready to explore:

    - A variety of fascinating topics reveal pivotal questions in philosophy that are still discussed today.
    - Timeline spreads illustrate major schools of thought and the women and men who developed them.
    - Clear, accessible text makes the book appealing for readers of all ages.
    - Uncoated paper gives a vintage feel to the book which perfectly complements the illustrator’s style.

    This fascinating philosophy book is a unique way to get kids to begin thinking critically about the world around them, and showcases the many ways in which philosophy has changed the world, one crazy idea at a time, and it is guaranteed to inspire, surprise, amuse, and entertain everybody who picks it up. By slowly unraveling arguments to unpack complex theories, What’s the Point of Philosophy? allows you to connect with ideas in a new and exciting way. If you never stop asking ‘why?’, this is the book for you!文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/6362.html


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