How to Be a Math Genius: Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It

    How to Be a Math Genius: Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It




    • 有趣的事情,从脑筋急转弯到谜题
    • 清晰、吸引人的文字,揭开了数学的神秘面纱
    • 帮助你提高他们脑力的提示和技巧
    • 全新的先锋数学家传记,如格雷斯-霍珀和凯瑟琳-约翰逊。
    • 活泼的插图使主题变得生动,使孩子们对这个主题感兴趣
    • 创造性的数学练习和活动使孩子们的技能受到考验



    Refine your math skills and be well on your way to becoming a numbers whizz!

    Learn about the intriguing and wonderful world of mathematics, how your brain works to interpret numbers and shapes, and how to improve your math skills in this informative math book. 

    This educational fact-filled guide to math will have you beaming with newfound knowledge. It includes:

       • Fun things to do, from brainteasers to puzzles
       • Clear, engaging text that demystifies math
       • Tips and techniques to help you boost their brainpower
       • Brand new biographies of pioneering mathematicians, such as Grace Hopper and Katherine Johnson
       • Lively illustrations that bring the topic to life and make the subject matter engaging for kids
       • Creative math exercises and activities put kids’ skills to the test

    This informative educational book allows young readers to understand the basic ideas behind math. It not only teaches new math skills, but also provides them with greater confidence in their own ability to handle numbers and mathematical problems. How To Be A Math Genius puts the ideas into context to help children understand why math is useful and even exciting! 

    Uncover the amazing sphere of algebra, puzzling primes, super sequences and special shapes. Challenge yourself with thrilling quizzes, solve dynamic puzzles and crack complex codes and inspirational geometrical illusions. Learn about the big names and even bigger brains who made mathematical history such as Pythagoras, Grace Hopper and Alan Turing. 文章源自:力哥爱英语(力哥爱英语-


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