Garner’s Modern English Usage by Bryan A. Garner

    Garner’s Modern English Usage by Bryan A. Garner


    当布莱恩-加纳在1999年出版《现代美国用法词典》第一版时,该书迅速成为有史以来对英语语言最有影响力的风格指南之一。经过之前的四个版本和二十多年的发展,我们的语言已经在许多方面发生了变化,大数据这一强大的工具已经彻底改变了词典学。这个经过广泛修订的新版本充分反映了这些变化,包括一千多个新词条和两百多个替换词条,彻底更新了基于谷歌Ngram查看器的使用数据和词频比例,对世界英语的覆盖更加均衡,而不仅仅是美国和英国,并纳入了性别中立语言。然而,有一点没有改变:从某种意义上说,这不是一本 "常规 "词典,而是由英语语言领域最杰出的权威之一以诙谐和个性的方式撰写的词典杰作。用大卫-福斯特-华莱士的话说,加纳对修辞和风格的讨论仍然 "接近于天才"。
    和风格的讨论仍然 "接近于天才"。文章源自:力哥爱英语(力哥爱英语-

    从自嘲和自我贬低之间的(失利的)斗争到把it's误用为its,从变体拼写patty-cake取代美国英语中的pat-a-cake到they的单数使用,加纳解释了语法和词汇的细微差别以及现代作家和发言者容易出现的语言失误,无论是在选词、句法、措辞、标点还是发音方面。他的经验主义方法将英语从两个极端中解放出来:从 "纯粹主义者 "那里解放出来,他们坚持认为分裂不定式和句末介词是渎职行为;从语言相对主义者那里解放出来,他们认为人们说什么或写什么都必须接受。文章源自:力哥爱英语(力哥爱英语-

    加纳词典的目的是帮助作家、编辑和演讲者有效地使用语言。它以一种俏皮和有说服力的方式帮助你听起来 "符合语法但轻松,精致但自然,正确但不迂腐"。文章源自:力哥爱英语(力哥爱英语-

    The most original and authoritative voice of today's English lexicography presents a fully revised new edition of his beloved usage dictionary

    When Bryan Garner published the first edition of A Dictionary of Modern American Usage in 1999, the book quickly became one of the most influential style guides ever written for the English language. After four previous editions and over twenty years, our language has evolved in many ways, and the powerful tool of big data has revolutionized lexicography. This extensively revised new edition fully captures these changes, featuring a thousand new entries and over two hundred replacement entries, thoroughly updated usage data and ratios on word frequency based on the Google Ngram Viewer, a more balanced coverage of World Englishes, not just American and British, and the inclusion of gender-neutral language. However, one thing has not changed: in no sense is this a "regular" dictionary but a masterpiece of lexicography written with wit and personality by one of the preeminent authorities on the English language. To put it in David Foster Wallace's words, Garner's discussion of rhetoric
    and style still "borders on genius."

    From the (lost) battle between self-deprecating and self-depreciating to the misuse of it's for its, from the variant spelling patty-cake taking over pat-a-cake in American English to the singular uses of they, Garner explains the nuances of grammar and vocabulary and the linguistic blunders to which modern writers and speakers are prone, whether in word choice, syntax, phrasing, punctuation, or pronunciation. His empirical approach liberates English from two extremes: from the "purists" who maintain that split infinitives and sentence-ending prepositions are malfeasances and from the linguistic relativists who believe that whatever people say or write must necessarily be accepted.

    The purpose of Garner's dictionary is to help writers, editors, and speakers use the language effectively. And it does so in a playful and persuasive way that will help you sound "grammatical but relaxed, refined but natural, correct but unpedantic."文章源自:力哥爱英语(力哥爱英语-

    Garner’s Modern English Usage by Bryan A. Garner

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