My Book of Stars and Planets: A fact-filled guide to space

    My Book of Stars and Planets: A fact-filled guide to space

    Join us on an adventure across the universe, as we rocket to the stars, marvel at mysterious planets and discover galaxies far far away. 

    Three, two, one, blast off! From icy worlds and hot, fiery giants to the biggest telescopes and latest spacecraft, this book about space covers more than 40 profiles of the planets, stars and celestial objects.

    This out-of-this-world astronomy book for kids is packed with:

       • Age-appropriate with large pictures and clear text.
       • Pronunciation guide for each planet and astronomical object.
       • Visual index arranged by type, so stars and planets can be found quickly.
       • Fact files for each featured object give key information, like size, type of object and location in the universe.

    Tapping into children's natural curiosity about the vastness of space, this stunning encyclopedia will enchant every budding astronaut. Did you know that our Solar System is part of a galaxy called the Milky Way? Or that Saturn is the furthest planet that can be seen from Earth without a telescope? You’ll discover many fascinating facts about our neighboring planets and the latest space technology!

    Broken down by type, each object is presented in a clear, engaging way, with stunning images and bite-sized chunks of information. Young stargazers will be intrigued by the detailed NASA photography that brings the mysteries of outer space down to Earth! The handy pronunciation guide helps with tricky names and a visual index gives a quick overview of all the key objects in this reference book.

    My Book of Stars and Planets 
    is the perfect gift for kids ages 5-8 who are interested in learning about the universe.


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