Does a Dinosaur Roar by Nicholas St

    Does a Dinosaur Roar by Nicholas St

    我可以养一只宠物恐龙吗为什么霸王龙的手臂这么短我们可以从恐龙粪便中了解到什么在DK最新的儿童恐龙百科全书中,我们可以探索到关于恐龙的200多个问题的耐人寻味的答案,这本适合6-9岁的儿童读物将帮助好奇的人们找到他们可能有的所有恐龙问题的答案,还有一些他们没有想到的答案 恐龙会睡觉吗 他们有羽毛吗 涵盖了惊人的古代生物、奇妙的化石和令人困惑的史前世界,《恐龙会吼叫吗》帮助孩子们掌握恐龙这个巨大的话题。这本书充满了最新的事实和发现,视觉效果非常好,是每个年轻的恐龙爱好者和化石猎人都想拥有的东西。让你的孩子用这本神奇的恐龙书来学习,它为好奇心强的人提供了大量的事实。

    Could I have a pet dinosaur Why did T. rex have such short arms What can we learn from dinosaur pooExplore the intriguing answers to more than 200 questions about dinosaurs in DK's newest dinosaur encyclopedia for kids.This children's book, ideal for ages 6-9, will help inquisitive minds find out the answers to all the dinosaur questions they may have, and some they hadn't thought of! Did dinosaurs sleep Did they have feathers Covering amazing ancient creatures, fantastic fossils, and the positively perplexing prehistoric world, Does a Dinosaur Roar helps children get to grips with the gigantic topic that is dinosaurs. Bursting with up-to-date facts and discoveries, this visually stunning book is something that every young dinosaur enthusiast and fossil hunter will want to own. Get your child learning with this amazing dinosaur book, which is packed with fantastic facts for curious minds.文章源自:力哥爱英语(力哥爱英语-


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