1500 Vocabulary Words for Speaking English Fluently

    1500 Vocabulary Words for Speaking English Fluently

    1500 Vocabulary Words For Spoken English: Most Used Vocab For Speaking English Fluently

    There are lakhs of words available in the dictionary but it's not possible for an individual to go through all words and speak English fluently. This Ebook is a handbook of the list of Most Used Vocab words with their meanings for Beginners and Advanced English learners as well.文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/7211.html

    This E-book contains vocabulary words related to different topics like -文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/7211.html

    • Holiday
    • Relationship
    • Technology
    • Sports
    • Education
    • Work
    • Health
    • Books and films
    • Accommodation
    • Clothing and accessories
    • Fashion
    • Beauty Salon Services
    • People: Personality and Character
    • Business
    • People: Physical Appearance
    • Towns and Cities
    • Weather
    • Shopping
    • Environment
    • Advertising
    • Types of Food
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Family Relatives
    • The In-Laws
    • Free Time
    • Body Part
    • Personal Information
    • Places in a City
    • Temperature
    • Food
    • Cooking Instructions
    • Eatables
    • Types of Feedback
    • Bedroom
    • Babies and Baby Room
    • Living Room
    • Construction

    List of Countries, Nationalities and their Languages文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/7211.html

    We have covered all the important topics Vocabulary words for Spoken English which will save your time finding on dictionary and internet. These words are structured in such a way that you can use them instantly while speaking English.文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/7211.html

    The Author Es Sanjay Agrawal and ESSA Global Solutions Team brings you the most important, practical & systematic way to be the master of your Vocabulary words and become a Fluent English Speaker..文章源自:力哥爱英语(ienglish521.com)力哥爱英语-https://ienglish521.com/7211.html


    1500 Vocabulary Words for Speaking English Fluently

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