Oxford Business English: Business Grammar & Practice

    Oxford Business English: Business Grammar & Practice

    Business Grammar & Practice - Provides explanations of the key grammar areas, illustrated by contextualized examples. This work includes practice activities based on language contexts relevant to the professional adult learner. It also contains material that encourages learners to develop their business vocabulary as well as grammatical competence. Ideal for general reference, self study, and practice in class - each unit includes: a reference page with detailed explanation of the grammar controlled activities that allow you to practise each language point more open tasks for you to put your new language to the test. The author, Michael Duckworth, has teaching experience in Africa, the Far East, and Europe. He has written a number of successful courses, including several aimed at preparing students for examinations."One of the best grammar books for teaching business English. It combines grammar with interesting discussion material on business matters.

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    • updated articles and graphs, including the latest information on new technologies
    • graded end-of-section tests to allow you to monitor and check your progress.
    Oxford Business English: Business Grammar & Practice

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