Booher’s Rules of Business Grammar by Dianna Booher

    Booher’s Rules of Business Grammar by Dianna Booher

    Does your client owe the principal or principle? Is your company moving forwards or forward? Do you have over ten years' experience, or more than ten years' experience?

    Proper use of the written and spoken word determines whether or not you move ahead in your career. In Booher's Rules of Business Grammar, business communication guru Dianna Booher identifies the top 101 mistakes made in emails, presentations, and conversations every day. She briefly examines each one and explains what you need to know in order to avoid future mistakes. In addition, Booher includes effective “memory tricks” to reinforce comprehension and retention. In no time, you will learn how to:

    • Recognize and rectify embarrassing grammatical mistakes
    • Improve the clarity of what you say and write
    • Solidify your understanding through the use of “memory tricks”
    • Master the language-so you can focus on your business!

    Whether you decide to skim it and correct a mistake a minute or read the whole book in a couple of hours, use Booher's Rules of Business Grammar to set yourself apart as an expert communicator.


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