My Encyclopedia of Very Important Oceans by DK

    My Encyclopedia of Very Important Oceans by DK

    This charming children’s encyclopedia is full to the brim with fascinating facts about life on and under the waves. Little learners can dive in and learn the most important things about the curious creatures that call the oceans home, their habitats and how to conserve them. 

    Inside the pages of this ocean encyclopedia, you’ll find: 

       • A vibrant encyclopedia for curious 5-to-9-year-olds filled with fun facts about weird and wonderful ocean creatures, unbelievable deep-sea adventures, essential conservation efforts and much more! 
       • The perfect balance between text and images while seamlessly blending photography with illustration.
       • Content that is comprehensive, detailed and educational, written in a friendly, witty and fun manner. It’s accessible to young readers, but doesn’t talk down to them. 

    From the birds that fly high above the sea down to the tiny creatures lurking on the ocean floor, this sea book for children will take kids on an adventure into the great unknown! My Encyclopedia of Very Important Oceans is an exciting introduction to life in Earth’s oceans. Little adventurers can explore forgotten shipwrecks, and swim with fabulous fish and other weird and wonderful underwater animals! 

    Learn all about the famous pirates who ruled the ocean in the past and the scientists and explorers who unlocked many mysteries of the deep! This reference book for kids will also explore the very important underwater jobs, and introduces them to the concept of ocean conservation and how they can protect the earth's precious oceans. 

    Packed with fun facts and colorful illustrations, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Oceans will feed your imagination and quench your thirst for knowledge. Be sure to explore the other titles in this series by DK: My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs and more!


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