Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World by Michael J. Benton

    Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World by Michael J. Benton

    The world’s leading paleontologist takes us on a visual tour of the latest dinosaur science, illustrated with accurate and stunning paleoart.

    Dinosaurs are not what you thought they were―or at least, they didn’t look like you thought they did. Here, world-leading paleontologist Michael J. Benton brings us a new visual guide to the world of the dinosaurs, showing how rapid advances in technology and amazing new fossil finds have changed the way we see these extinct beasts forever. Stunning, brand-new illustrations by paleoartist Bob Nicholls display the latest and most exciting scientific discoveries in vibrant color. From Sinosauropteryx, the first dinosaur to have its color patterns identified―a ginger-and-white striped tail and a “bandit mask”―by Benton’s team at the University of Bristol to recent research on the surprising mixed feathers and scales of Kulindadromeus, this is one of the first books to include cutting-edge scientific research in paleontology.

    Each chapter focuses on a particular extinct species, featuring a specially commissioned illustration by Bob Nicholls that brings to life the latest scientific breakthroughs, with accompanying text exploring how paleontologists have determined new details, such as the patterns on skin and the colors of feathers of animals that lived millions of years ago. This visual compendium surprises and challenges everything you thought you knew about what dinosaurs looked like and how they lived.


    恐龙不是你想象的那样——或者至少,它们看起来不像你想象的那样。在这里,世界领先的古生物学家迈克尔 J. 本顿为我们带来了恐龙世界的新视觉指南,展示了技术的快速进步和惊人的新化石发现如何永远改变了我们对这些已灭绝动物的看法。古艺术家鲍勃·尼科尔斯 (Bob Nicholls) 令人惊叹的全新插图以鲜艳的色彩展示了最新、最激动人心的科学发现。从布里斯托大学本顿的团队发现的第一种颜色图案——姜白色条纹的尾巴和“强盗面具”——的中华龙鸟到最近对 Kulindadromeus 令人惊讶的混合羽毛和鳞片的研究,这是最早包含古生物学前沿科学研究的书籍之一。

    每一章都侧重于一个特定的灭绝物种,由鲍勃·尼科尔斯 (Bob Nicholls) 特别委托绘制的插图将最新的科学突破栩栩如生,并附有文字探索古生物学家如何确定新细节,例如皮肤上的图案和动物羽毛的颜色那生活在几百万年前。这个视觉纲要惊奇并挑战了你认为你知道的关于恐龙的样子和生活方式的一切。


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