Master Spoken English

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Master Spoken English


Master Spoken English-Special Edition

视频教程成于 96 年,虽然视频质量和美观度一般,但是绝对是好教材。本教材语速不慢,而且形成的系统很有趣,从慢到快从单个音标到整体篇章连读,非常棒。

This special edition e-course teaches all the core speech dynamics you need for a foundation to master spoken English. You will learn to feel tone and vibration, create well-formed vowels, and develop articulated consonants. Further, there is extensive linking and phrasing practice, which is the key to fluency.

In addition, you will have full access to our newest edutainment practice material–adapted from the Academy Award nominated movie, “My Man Godfrey”, which will keep you entertained while you are practicing.

Two original fairy tales are also included here. These movie scenes are broken down for word lists and phrase links, all with color-coded subtitles. Plenty to keep you involved and challenged, no matter what level of English you now speak. SpeechMasters is committed to providing the highest level of training, with programs that are motivating and fun to use.


Master Spoken English-Feeling Phonetics 

这个算是Special Edition的完整版,难度扩大了,内容也大大丰富了。

"Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics", was published in 1996 and is now in use in 58 different countries. Colleges and universities worldwide have recognized the need this training serves in enabling speakers of English to reach their full potential.

Besides serving EFL and ESL needs, the series is used widely in learn-to-read programs. Meeting the needs of advanced communication skills courses, and providing beginning readers with the models to master the language, the program is uniquely structured to be both multi-level and multi-purpose.

Phonics, as a science, has risen as the dominant tool for language learning. "Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics" is an encyclopedia of phonics. Training, as it was designed to, first-graders and full-professors. Enabling readers to excel, and training speakers like professional actors.Master Spoken English


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